Former Australian supercar racer admits making $500,000 in just one month through OnlyFans

Former Supercar driver Renèe Gracie surprised her followers after revealing that she had an OnlyFans account... but the real shock came when she revealed how much she makes a month.

Renèe Gracie was once a Supercar racer and Australia's first full-time female competitor. However, after a string of bad results in 2017 she had trouble finding funding and was replaced by another racer.

Now it's hard to believe Gracie will ever have trouble finding funding again after her recent OnlyFans announcements.

The 25-year-old was working in car sales when she discovered the app that allows people to subscribe to accounts to view private content, most often pornographic.

But the venture seems to literally have paid off for the young Australian as she revealed just how much she makes off the app.

Speaking in an interview with another top OnlyFanscreator Gina Stewart, Renee stated:

I was averaging about $70,000USD (AU$97,000 and £53,457) a month up until recently when I got a lot of media attention and I had a few stories go viral. I know the figures but let's just say I made half a million in the month of June.

Of course, this is not normal for allOnlyFansaccount holders and Gracie is a full time, top OnlyFans creator and is in the 0.01% of top earners on the platform. But, she admits she did her homework before joining the platform to ensure her safety and success.

And, after her massive OnlyFans success, the racy ex-racer has announced that she is starting her own website called 4playHub.

The racer turned adult model also announced that she might one day like to return to racing but anticipates her new career might mean she won't be welcomed back:

I don't think they would want me back. The pressure I was under in the last couple of years was immense and I don't really want to put myself through that. I don't need that pressure because I have a career outside racing now. I will be doing it for enjoyment and fun. I have been watching the races and keeping up to date with it.
I want to do it again because now I can do it on my own and I can afford to enjoy it.

Back in 2015, Renee partnered up with Simona de Silvestro in a Ford FG X Falcon for the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar race. It was the first female-only pairing since 1998 with Melinda Price and Kerryn Brewer.

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