ErotikaLand: The No-Holds Barred Amusement Park! Wait Until You Hear The Attractions...

In Brazil, an amusement park unlike any other opened its door in one 2018. Called ErotikaLand, it is the first park in the world dedicated entirely to sex.

The first amusement park in the world dedicated to eroticism opened its doors in the city of Piracicaba, not far from Sao Paulo in Brazil, in June 2018. This crazy idea came from a Brazilian businessman who invested almost £18 million to set up the sexual attractions. The park includes a roller coaster, a ghost train, a ferris wheel, a nudist pool, bumper cars in sexual shapes and sex shops, in case you want to leave with a souvenir.

Rest assured, having sex in the park is not permitted. Mauro Morata, the man at the head of this project, said that ‘If the customers want to go to the next level, they are able to go to a nearby hotel that we also manage.’ ErotikaLand created 250 jobs and has boosted the country's economy. But everyone does not view this park as a positive since Matheuse Erler, president of the council of the city of Piracicaba, claimed that this project could make the city a den of ‘debauchery.’

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