Daniel Craig Mocks his Lack of Similarities to James Bond in New Ad

Daniel Craig recently mocked his lack of James-Bond persona in a new advert for Heineken. The funny advertisement emphasizes the differences between the 51-year-old actor and the iconic fictional character.

The new Heineken advert aims to unveil the massive differences between Daniel Craig and James Bond. The moral of the story? People will always associate Craig to Bond. Oh, and Heineken has a non-alcoholic beer!

At the beginning of the clip, Craig, donning a relaxed look, is chilling in the sun. He then gets word that his taxi has arrived, but once he hops in the car, the driver mouths, “James Bond.”

She then presses her foot on the gas and shoots down the road. You’d think that Craig would be used to a speeding car, but he looks super uncomfortable in the back seat.

When Craig finally hops out of the taxi, he quickly realises that he left his passport and wallet in the car. So he runs after the speeding taxi. En route, he passes two people who think they’ve spotted Bond.

But then the onlookers see Craig stop to catch his breath, and conclude that the man running can’t be Bond. Craig then tries to take matters into his own hands by sneaking into a place that has tuxedos.

He steals one and continues his tiring journey of trying to find the driver who holds his passport and wallet. But when he finally finds her, she says, “Daniel Craig?' Nice try Mr Bond.”

Craig (or Bond) then sips a non-alcoholic Heineken beer instead of a vodka martini, and the caption, “Once James Bond, always James Bond” appears on the screen. Craig may be hilarious in this ad, acting out Bond, but he wasn’t so keen on playing the fictional character a few years ago. Learn more in our video.

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