Curious construction worker left shocked after finding a brain at the beach

One construction worker got the shock of his life after discovering a brain on a Wisconsin beach. WARNING: Video contains graphic images.

Construction worker Jimmy Senda was enjoying a stroll across Racine Beach in Wisconsin earlier this week when he made a very strange discovery.

Senda had found a brain, wrapped in tinfoil and stuffed inside a square package, accompanied by a bunch of flowers and a piece of paper that was decorated with Mandarin characters.

Jimmy stated he opened the package because he was curious and just wanted to know what was inside. He told Fox6 News:

Curiosity got to me, so I popped it open and it looked like a chicken breast. It took a little bit for it to really (register) of what was going on; it was a brain.

Jimmy claimed that he initially wasn't sure that what he found really was a brain, so he asked a group of workmen nearby to take a peek:

I don't really know how to explain it. I was just like, 'What is this?'
Fox6 News

Senda claims that that Racine beach was a rather popular destination for families and was worried that a child could have discovered the macabre package if he hadn't found it first. He continued:

There's a lot of kids and families that are down here. What happens if a kid would have found it?
Jimmy Senda Fox6 News

The police were called to the scene and at first, even they were stumped, saying that the object really did look like a brain. Speaking to Fox, the police speculated that the brain was not human and probably belonged to some kind of animal. However, these claims cannot be confirmed until an extensive examination has been carried out by the local Medical Examiner's office.

But, this isn't the first strange thing that someone has discovered on a beach. Earlier this year a group of teenage Tiktok users in the US discovered a suitcase on a beach that contained a suspicious black hefty bag inside. After calling the police it was confirmed that the bag was holding human remains.

So, next time you're on the beach and you see something a little suspicious, proceed with caution... And maybe gloves. You never know what you could find.

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