Couple Captures Paedophile Who Came to Their Home for 13 Year Old Daughter

One couple from Canada found out that their teenage daughter had been chatted up by a man 15 years her senior. When he came into their home for a visit, they made sure to make sure he didn’t get free. Watch the video and see how it went down, as well as find out the rage-inducing conclusion.

After being told by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) that they shouldn’t take matter into their own hands, this Canadian couple decided to jump into action to protect their daughter. The little brother, 28, of one of the mother’s former friends would not stop sending sexual text messages to their teenage child. When he came to visit the child, the couple were there waiting for him.

Protecting their child from becoming a statistic

The man had been exchanging text messages with the young girl for weeks prior. According to the mother, he had sent messages to her saying that ‘he wanted to be her first’.

Upon arriving at the ambush, the man was promptly tackled to the floor and cable tied with his hands behind his back. The couple made sure to capture everything on camera and even broadcast it live on Facebook. Unfortunately, this may have been a mistake...

A miscarriage of justice

Instead of being commended for her work in catching a paedophile, the couple were promptly arrested by the police. They claim that they had been investigating and building a case against the man and that their meddling is grounds for assault and confinement. ‘It hasn't resolved one issue. It's caused another, and put people in danger’, says RCMP Corporal Amelia Hayden. Sometimes justice works in mysterious ways.

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