Australian man beats up police woman enforcing lockdown protocols

A man was filmed attacking a police woman in Sydney who asked him to ‘move along’ in adherence to lockdown regulations.

A man was caught on camera beating up a female police officer in Sydney for trying to enforce lockdown rules.

Video footage shows the man repeatedly kicking and punching one officer while her colleague called for help having been brutally assaulted herself.

The attack occurred on Monday afternoon in the suburbs of Bankstown when the officers asked the man who had been standing in the street to move along.

‘Move Along’

According to police, a 43-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the assault. He allegedly attacked another officer, male, while at the station. The three cops all went to the hospital for treatment.

Police Detective Superintendent Todd Cunningham said the attack took place when two female police officers aged 30 and 32, asked the man to move along.

He was standing in the middle of the road and had 'almost been hit by a bus.' He attacked them kicking and punching one before turning his fury on to her colleague who tried to intervene.

He then ran off to pick a train back home in Yagoona where police used CCTV to track him down.

‘Trying Conditions’

Superintendent Cunningham was full of praise for the officers for working in the community

'under difficult circumstances, especially around COVID. We don’t expect this when they come to work, especially in such trying conditions when everybody has been at home. The officers have come to work every day, putting their own families at risk when they go home, and they shouldn’t have to put up with this.

Sydney has been under strict lockdown rules for the past 12 weeks. Residents are banned from leaving home without a 'reasonable excuse' in a bid to combat an outbreak of the Delta Covid variant.

Police Brutality: Woman Suffers Serious Blows at the Hands of Police Officer Police Brutality: Woman Suffers Serious Blows at the Hands of Police Officer