The Shocking Moment When a School Teacher Disarmed One Potential School Shooter With a Hug

This is a very emotional scene. A sports coach in Parkrose High School in Oregon (the United States) avoided a rather dangerous situation by disarming a student who was threatening to commit suicide with a shotgun. What he did was heroic yet very simple: he merely hugged the young boy.

This event actually took place in May this year, but the video was only released last week. The footage was taken by a surveillance camera and in it, we can see Angel Granados-Diaz,an 18-year-old student, come out of class armed with a shotgun. He was then taken outside by his sports coach, Keanon Lowe.

Without rushing him, the coach took the teenager in his arms and managed to disarm him with a hug. Another student was then able to get the firearm away from him while the coach continued to calm the young man with his arms wrapped around him. The coach kept the young man in his embrace until the police arrived.

Commended for his bravery by the media and internet users, the coach simply explained in a press conference that his ‘instincts just took over.’ He told Time that ‘I just wanted to let him know that I was there for him. I told him I was there to save him. I was there for a reason and that this is a life worth living.’

The teen wanted to commit suicide

When he appeared in court last week, Angel Granados-Diaz pleaded guilty to ‘unlawful possession of a loaded firearm in public.’ The prosecutor admitted that the teenager hadn’t wanted to commit mass murder but had wanted to commit suicide instead.

‘Through the course of the investigation, it became clear to law enforcement and our office that Mr Granados-Diaz did not have the intent to hurt anyone other than himself while at Parkrose High School,’ explained the authorities. His weapon was only loaded with a single bullet and he never pointed it at anyone or threatened his classmates in any way.

He was given a 36-month probation sentence and will also undergo treatment for his mental health and drug problems.

This sentence is appropriate as it affords ongoing supervision and safeguards and simultaneously affords Mr Granados-Diaz with an opportunity to move past this incident so he can continue to heal’ while also punishing him for bringing a loaded weapon to school. A weapon that he legally bought in a store

Mass shootings are on the rise

This year alone in the U.S.,the number of mass shootings is already bigger than the number of days that have passed so far. In just 244 days there have been a staggering 283 mass shootings in America.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 37,662 total shooting incidents, resulting in 9,932 gun deaths and 19,868 injuries, as of September 1st.

This insane amount of gun violence surely has lots of people on edge, especially in America where someone can purchase a weapon by walking into a department store.

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