After Taking Her Daughter To The Toilet, This Mum Got A Nasty Shock When She Looked In The Bowl

This family got a very nasty shock when their 5-year-old daughter almost died whilst sitting on the toilet.

This story is so scary that we can guarantee you will never be able to go to the bathroom again without thinking of this…

Shock on the toilet

South African mother Juliette Roos is on a camping trip with her family in Brits (South Africa). She lifts her 5-year-old daughter on the toilet and is not expecting what happens next as the daughter does her business.

But as the mother lifts her daughter from the toilet, she’s shocked and realises how in what danger her daughter was a second ago: “I was shivering and because I didn’t want my daughter to panic, I told her not to turn around.” She went wild and in the moment she tries to put herself together, she screams in panic. Her alarmed husband runs to help them and makes the same scary discovery: A poisonous spitting cobra is sitting in the toilet.

The bite of this poisonous snake is deadly if not treated straightaway. To avoid this, the husband tries to protect his family against the snake and tries to catch the cobra with a stick. He almost catches it but the snake escapes and hides in the sewers again. If you want to see this moment, watch the video.

No relaxed moment on the toilet again

The calm followed the storm and the danger is averted. But what remains is the shock of nearly seeing one’s own daughter getting bitten by a snake. Juliette Roos is convinced: “I will never go to the toilet without checking it twice.”

And she is probably not the only one…

Check out the video above to see the heart-stopping footage...

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