A Woman Arranged To Have A Sexual Encounter With A Dog For Its First Birthday
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A Woman Arranged To Have A Sexual Encounter With A Dog For Its First Birthday

Rebekah Little used Instagram to find someone who had a dog for her to have sex with. She claimed that they were going to celebrate the dog’s first birthday. Strange, right?! This story will leave you speechless.

Rebekah Little came up with a very gruesome plan and carried it out. According to police, in 2017, Rebekah was looking for a dog to abuse in her home, in Texas, and she used Instagram to make it happen.

When she got in touch with Jerrid Cook on the social network, he told her that he and Kevin Cook could take their dog to Rebekah's house for some unusual fun. Jerrid and Kevin's dog was turning 1, and Rebekah wanted to "give him his birthday present."

Jerrid and Kevin took the dog to her place on Christmas Day, but they explained that the dog was not cooperating. According to Rebekah "he was too hyper, jumping everywhere." So, Rebekah and the dog owners’ plans - to see a sexual encounter between the girl and the dog take place – didn't pan out.

Instead, Rebekah ended up having sex with Jerrid. Now, the real estate agent and her two accomplices are in serious trouble because they broke the law.

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Indeed, in the state of Texas, it is enough for a person simply to have planned and intended to have sex with an animal for bestiality charges to be brought.

It is not clear whether Jerrid and Kevin Cook are related, but the investigation is ongoing. Take a look at the video to find out which of the three suspects has already been arrested, and who has a warrant out for their arrest.

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