How Many Numbers Are in the Image? This Optical Illusion Will Boggle Your Mind

Do you like riddles? Then you’ll like this brain teaser that's got the Internet tearing their hair out… We'll give you a hint - there are probably more numbers than you first think so look very carefully before deciding on your answer!

Although you still may be trying to figure out which way this person on a swing is really facing, the internet has just spat out anotheroptical illusion for you to dig your teeth into.

If you're a fan of number puzzles, IQ tests and optical illusionsthen you've really hit the jackpot with this little test. It may at first seem to be a very simple question, but it turns out it is a lot more difficult to determine than you originally might think: How many numbers are in this image?

People on the Internet just can't seem to get it right and it is driving people insane! You can find the puzzle in the video above; we’ll leave you to think for a moment and find the right answer.

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Check out the video above to see the image again for yourself! Don't forget to pause before the answer is revealed...

Optical Illusion: Can you read all the numbers in this image? Optical Illusion: Can you read all the numbers in this image?