3 Year-old Burned By Illegal Fireworks That Flew Through His Bedroom Window

Fireworks are no joke! It should always be used in an under control environment, with proper safety and knowledge.

Fireworks are great entertainment for the entire family and the symbol of the 4th of July in the United States. With the due date approaching many families all over the country have already bought fireworks to give themselves some home displays.

But the greater the show, the greater the danger. A New York family has experienced a tragic event with an illegal fireworks display that didn't go as planned. Three-year-old Adiel Rosario and his sisters were woken up with the sound of fireworks in the street and decided to catch a glimpse from their sixth-floor bedroom window.

Unfortunately, a firework came through their window, striking Adiel, burning him and causing significant injuries. Adiel's sister spoke about the situation:

The fireworks were, like, spreading around, one of them came in. It, like, almost destroyed everything in our room. There was also fire at my favorite teddy bear.

Adiel was immediately taken to the hospital, with his head and left arm badly burned, he was treated and then returned home. All-day detectives could be seen investigating the top-floor window and looking for surveillance videos to find the people responsible.

Neighbours said they have had enough, and want to see more police patrols on the street:

Devastating. Could’ve been my child, grandchild, anybody’s child. The fireworks are really getting out of hand and you don’t even know. Sometimes around here it’s fireworks. Sometimes it’s shootings.

What a shame!

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