It Turns Out Declan Donnelly Isn’t The Richest Person In His Family

One half of the UK’s most beloved presenting duo, you’d expect that Declan Donnelly would be by far the wealthiest member from his family. However, as part of the documentary Ant & Dec’s DNA Adventure, the stunned star discovered that that’s not actually the case as he was brought face-to-face with some long-lost relatives.

In most families, unless you’re a Kardashian or a Windsor, being the owner of an estimated £60 million fortune would automatically make you the wealthiest relative – and the one expected to buy all the best Christmas and birthday presents. However, Declan Donnelly discovered that his fortune is not the biggest in his family.

In Ant & Dec’s DNA Adventure, both Ant and Dec delved into their family histories, learning more about their ancestors and where they come from – but also, in Dec’s case, discovered some still-living family members he never knew he had, as he was introduced to his long-lost cousin Meg.

The show saw Ant and Dec fly to the USA to meet Meg and her husband Greg – who live in a colossal mansion on the East Coast, just outside of New York City. The Geordie duo were stunned by the size of Meg and Greg’s estate – which includes an enormous garden and a massive swimming pool.

Whilst Meg and Greg may be even wealthier than Dec, theirfortune doesn’t come from fame – they have made their money in real estate and in running a fleet of helicopters, one of which they used to pick Ant and Dec up in for the show.

Dec was left further stunned when Meg introduced him to yet more cousins that he was totally unaware existed. Met with these shock revelations, the 44-year-old telly host announced, ‘Oh wow, this is amazing. I’m really emotional.’

I’m a Celeb contestant suffers loss in the family but won’t be told until show finishes I’m a Celeb contestant suffers loss in the family but won’t be told until show finishes