Inspector Gadget Villain Dr Claw's Face Finally Revealed!

Inspector Gadget Villain Dr Claw's Face Finally Revealed!

Remember Inspector Gadget's baddie Dr. Claw? Throughout the series, we only got a glimpse of his glove. Now we've finally got a full picture of the man wearing it!

And you've probably wondered what his face looked like? We have the answer!

In 2003, a Dr. Claw action figure was put in stores. This figurine could finally lift the mystery surrounding the doctor’s identity. It was when the manufacturers decided to create this toy that his face was finally revealed. But Dr. Claw's face remains hidden in the package.

But what did they use as a reference to create this toy? It turns out that NES, the famous video game console of the 80s, has launched an Inspector Gadget video game. In this game we see Dr. Claw’s face for a few seconds.

Check out the video and get a full look at what one of our childhood's most famous villain's face actually looked like!

Stacey Williams
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