Black Mirror Season 5: Become A New Character In The Upcoming Interactive Series

The new season of Black Mirror is scheduled to be released toward the end of this year - and it has certainly gotten people talking. Forget interactive story books, here is the interactive series where the conclusion of the story will be entirely in your hands.

Netflix, world's biggest on-demand media provider has scheduled the release of the fifth season of Black Mirror, where you can interact with the storyline. With season 1 having aired in 2015, the series took off from the very start, with particular success from San Junipero, White Christmas and Nosedive amongst some of the best episodes of the entire show. After continued success of season 4, the new season will arrive on Netflix toward the end of 2018. And it has some crazy new developments in store...

The new interactive episode will place the viewer at the heart of the storyline, which will evolve entirely according to their decision.

Before pushing production in demand for bigger things, Netflix had already tested the concept on web-animated series, "The Aventures of the Puss in Boots". According to Bloomberg, a privately-held American media organisation, the spokespeople of the platform are considering the creation of more interactive content of similar nature as the upcoming season of Black Mirror.

The idea is excellent - but it will be one hell of a challenge. The producers are taking a leap of faith at the potential expense of their viewer base, where there is no guarantee that viewers will be able to fully grasp this concept, possibly leaving a lot of frustation.

Every choice made by the user will influence the end of the story. This demands a tremendous amount of work in order to create the fine differences and variations in every scene according to users' decisions. The plotline must remain in every link to the story without affecting the overall quality of the episode.

HBO have previously brought out similar interactive content, where viewers could choose which character survives in Steven Soderbergh's original series "Mosaic".

We hope this one hits the jackpot!

Black Mirror Series 5: Everything You Need To Know Black Mirror Series 5: Everything You Need To Know