You'll Soon Be Able To Ride An Invisible Train

An invisible train will see the light in 2018.

You'll Soon Be Able To Ride An Invisible Train
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For the past hundred years, the Japanese railway company, Red Arrow, has existed. Now, the Seibu group has called upon the famous Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima to give a new design to high-speed trains, and to rethink their interior. Since then an ambitious and very original project to renovate the company's transportation devices has been developed.

An ingenious and unusual design:

The train will be both transparent and, at the same time, covered with a coating acting like a mirror, to reflect the external landscape. It will then blend in completely with the environment and will not distort the places it crosses. With its high speed and its structure, this train will go almost unnoticed through the landscape that surrounds it. A great innovation that we can only applaud.

A consequent cost:

The budget is estimated at over £70 million for one train, so it will take a little time, and especially means, to replace each of the company's trains. But we hope that the project will see the light soon, as the result will certainly be breathtaking!

A great way to celebrate the birthday of the Japanese company Red Arrow, a bit more elegant than one such birthday in Australia, where several people decided to humourously show their buttocks to celebrate 10 years of a specific train.