This Santorini Hotel Has The Most Stunning Suites

This Santorini Hotel Has The Most Stunning Suites

With its divine landscapes and affordable prices, Greece is a country particularly popular among tourists.

If you have yet to discover Greece, it’s high time to do it; and if you’re going anywhere in Greece, it ought to be Santorini. With its breathtaking views of the sea and its sparkling white houses hanging off the cliffs, this island’s charm is practically unrivaled. 

One of Santorini’s most beautiful hotels is without doubt Dana Villas and Infinity Suites—and not without reason. This hotel offers unbelievable villas with both indoor and outdoor pools. One night there is an escape from the rest of the world—as Dana’s Instagram pics certainly prove.

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If these photos make you worry this holiday might be out of your reach, though, no need to fear. This hotel is actually as affordable as it is gorgeous.  Even better, for Valentine’s Day they offer a dreamy lovers’ special for £95 a night—a perfect price for the perfect getaway.

Check out the video above to see these gorgeous rooms for yourself...

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