This Gorgeous Travel Destination Is Becoming Known As 'The New Greece' For Those On A Budget

This could be the miracle solution for a low-cost holiday.

For those who want to go on holiday and discover the most beautiful countrysides that Europe has to offer, Greece is obviously a key contender. Whether you’re directly on the mainland with the magnificent archeological sites, or on the islands and their beaches that have a rare beauty about them, Greece is one of the most perfect destinations for a calm holiday away from your hectic day to day life.

The only downside is that holidays in Greece are quite expensive which can deter the poorer travelers among us. In fact, whether it’s plane tickets or your accommodation, a trip to Greece can quickly reduce those with a limited budget to poverty. But don’t panic, we’ve found a miracle solution that will allow you to make the most of a practically identical holiday for a much lower price: Croatia.

Croatia: the new Greece

When you’re looking at beautiful holiday destinations in Europe, you tend to steer away from Croatia, for reasons we don’t know. However, Croatia is an almost identical copy of Greece, where you can completely relax, make the most of the islands without needing to dig into your savings too much.

The prices: While Greece is quite expensive, Croatia is a lot more affordable, and whether you’re looking at flights or accommodation, you will find offers that are two, even three times cheaper than in Greece, no matter the season.

The islands: Just like in Greece, Croatia has amazing islands to offer its tourists and beaches with crystal clear water worthy of the most beautiful post cards. Once you’re there, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Living costs: Once you’re there, you will instantly notice the difference compared to your beautiful homeland. Although the cost of living isn’t extremely high in Greece, it is even cheaper in Croatia.

Set sail for the Croatian islands! Check out the video above to get a taster of what a holiday in Croatia could be like!

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