These are the most stolen items from luxury hotels

Stealing a towel or an ashtray from a hotel is commonplace all over the world. We've rounded up the most frequent objects thieves steal in luxury hotels.

These are the most stolen items from luxury hotels
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These are the most stolen items from luxury hotels

The overwhelming majority of guests like to steal towels, clothes hangers, pens, and cutlery... But not only these items. In four or five-star establishments, stealing unusual objects is also commonplace.

A 2019 survey by the German Wellness Heaven guide, which interviewed 1,157 hoteliers, has revealed some interesting facts. Mattresses, televisions, pianos, coffee makers, works of art, tablets... These thefts can very quickly amount to a small fortune.

From small to large items

In a Berlin hotel, for example, a guest took everything from his room's bathroom: the shower head, the washbasin, plumbing fixtures, and even the toilet seat!

Sometimes the theft is quite dramatic. In Italy, for example, a hotelier had a grand piano taken away from his hotel, even though it was exposed for all to see in the reception area of his establishment. For the thieves, the process is quite easy: they take the object they wish to steal in the middle of the night, by taking the lift to the underground car park.

TVs, hairdryers, pillows…

The Wellness Heaven survey also revealed that each nationality has its own preferences. The French don't seem to fool around, their favourite object to steal is the television. They then also steal remote controls and batteries.

The Austrians are just as good: they prefer to steal crockery and coffee machines. A tier below them, the Italians steal wine glasses, the Swiss steal hairdryers, and Americans steal pillows.

The gold medal probably goes to the Dutch, who have a thing for toilet paper and light bulbs. The Germans and the British are the most classic, turning instead to towels, bathrobes, and cosmetics, which are among the most stolen items in hotels.