This hotel has never hosted a single guest

This is the sad story of the Grande Hotel of San Calogero. In its over 61 years of existence, this magnificent hotel complex has never seen a single client walk through its doors.

This hotel has never hosted a single guest
This hotel has never hosted a single guest

The Grande Hotel of Calogero has 300 rooms, and yet it has never welcomed any guests! What is funny is that this ghost hotel isn't the only one in Italy. There are about 670 partially completed and unopened buildings in the country.

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A super expensive property

The value of these properties is huge and close to 2.8 billion dollars! Completing their construction and putting them into operation alone would require a total investment of one and a half billion dollars. That definitely complicates things!

The history of the Grande Hotel might make you want to give it a hand! It was destroyed about 60 years ago and was renovated twice but never opened to the public. So inevitably, it fell apart...

A dream location for a hotel

Yet on paper, it's the perfect spot! It is ideally located at the top of Mount Kronio, which houses an old basilica and the Sanctuary of San Calogero, all in the heart of a huge nature reserve. Nature spreading as far as the eye can see and a hot spring nearby, a dream location for a hotel!

In 1984, the hotel did have a small glimmer of hope. Construction had resumed a few years earlier and it was ready to welcome customers. Only, there were no staff to manage it. In 1993, an opening ceremony finally took place! But once again, the real opening was pushed back due to drainage problems...

This hotel is clearly cursed! To get it out of this mess, the regional government finally gave a generous amount of money to the hotel's–finally put together!–management team to fix the last small issues. The Grande Hotel finally opened in 1998! But it quickly closed again for obscure reasons...

It's been over 60 years, and despite all the efforts and money invested, the Grande Hotel of San Calogero remains empty!

Check out the video above to see more of the abandoned resort for yourself!

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