In Holland, A Hotel With A Pretty Creepy History Has Been Opened

For a few years now, the rate of criminality has been quickly fast in the Netherlands. And as a result, lots of prisons have been closed down and some have even been turned into hotels. And it’s quite impressive.

In light of the falling rate of criminality in the Netherlands, some prisons have been forced to close due to a lack of prisoners. As a result, the government has decided to turn them into both comfortable accommodation to give migrants a roof over their heads, and also hotels. This is the case with the Het Arresthuis prison which is located in the Roermond area of the Netherlands.

Four years after it closed in 2007, the establishment reopened its doors to welcome clients. The hotel has 40 comfortable rooms of which 4 are luxurious suites on offer. In terms of cost, tourists have to pay 126 euros (approx £110) to spend a night in jail. And we have to admit that the contemporary decor associated with an industrial setting does intrigue us. So, do you fancy a visit?

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