1 Person In 25 Is A Sociopath: Here's How To Tell If It's You

1 Person In 25 Is A Sociopath: Here's How To Tell If It's You

They are more sociopaths than you might think, and it’s not unusual to be among one of them at work or in your personal life. The best thing to do would be to avoid them, but for that, you have to be able to recognize them.

There is a good chance that a sociopath is hiding among your friends or family. One in 25 people suffer from this personality disorder and therefore show indifference by detaching themselves completely from their emotions.

One person in ten is a sociopath

These people like to cheat and manipulate, are usually impulsive, and unable to conform to social norms. As good manipulators, they are good speakers who know how to use their charming personality. They are also ambitious people who can easily climb the ladder.

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Therefore, according to a Scandinavian study, a boss could fit into this description of sociopath. If your manager makes your life unbearable, beware. Psychotherapist Cyril Malka explains: ‘Arrangements, which you thought were clear and clean, are no longer valid, colleagues are drawn against each other, at one point you are the darling, the next moment, you are demolished.’

Do not hang out with sociopaths

Characters, seducers, manipulators ... it is very difficult not to be attracted to them. But you need to avoid them at all costs because a sociopath will never change and will not hesitate to use you for their own purposes.

So if these characteristics make you think of someone around you, avoid them!

• Emma Jensen
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