These things we used to do as kids have totally disappeared today

There are certain habits we had when we were children that, unfortunately, or fortunately, no longer exist today.

‘It was better before!’ You have probably heard this phrase from your parents at least once in your life. Now it's your turn to feel nostalgic about your primary years or those habits you had as a child that has been lost over time. Let's take a look back at some of the things we all did that have disappeared.

Phoning has changed a lot

5G, Internet directly in your pocket and Netflix in high resolution whenever you want—these things have become the norm. In2022, being able to surf the web, send large files and make FaceTime calls is normality. But not so long ago, you were paying for every text message you sent.

You probably remember the mythical excuse ‘sorry, I don't have any credit’ for not answering one of your friends at school. For those of you who went to summer camp, aren't you nostalgic for the phone cards you had to insert into the terminals to tell your parents about your day at the pool? And speaking of phones, do you remember the game Snake on 3310? We knew how to have fun with little back then.

Television and its possibilities

‘Netflix and Chill’ seems to be the norm nowadays but it will never replace a ‘let's go to the video store, are you coming?’ to choose the evening's programme. The video store, that place that put glitter in our eyes when we were kids.

Who doesn't remember the glorious time when you put your VHS of your favourite alien films in your VCR to watch the latest film? Rewind, what a pleasure.

These things we used to do as kids have totally disappeared today  Oleg Sergeichik/Unsplash

CDs and MP3s are the names of the game

Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer didn't exist back then and to listen to the latest albums you had two options: buy the CD or burn your mates. Blank discs with the words ‘CD—LIMP BIZKIT—SIGNIFICANT OTHER’ written on them in large black marker. For the older ones, you remember the ‘2 titles’, these singles with two songs on them in their mythical cardboard covers.

Then on the phones of the time, listening to music was difficult, you had to go through your USB MP3 player to be able to spend your hour on the bus quietly. Thank you MP Man for giving a lot of joy to millions of children.

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