OnlyFans: Mum of three makes £10K a month selling breastmilk videos

A 27-year-old mother-of-three has paid off all her debt and is now making £10k a month by posting videos of her pumping her breastmilk out on OnlyFans.

Alice Lovegood's life completely turned around the day she decided to start an OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans changed her life

The 27-year-old was struggling to get through the month and feed her children, and even worked on weekends to get by. Things got even scarier when she accidentally became pregnant with her third child, as a new addition to her family was going to cost her and her husband even more money.

She explains having decided to start an OnlyFans account as she knew there was a market for pregnancy fetishes. In an interview, she said:

I had always been a very sexual person and I knew pregnancy was a fetish so I thought I could make some extra money to help us out. In February last year, I started online posting pics of my pregnant belly on OnlyFans initially with my face hidden.


I began getting lots of requests for lactation videos and it just took off from there. By April, I was making content full-time.

She was once offered £100K to breastfeed a fan

Lovegood explained that things took off so quickly for her that she even had to turn down certain offers:

One of my followers offered me £100k to breastmilk him. It was an eye-watering sum but I declined it.

Until she can continue lactating for roughly another year, she plans on continuing selling her content, which her fans call 'quite wholesome:'

A lot of my followers say my content is actually quite wholesome! My fans sometimes just like the sound of pumping milk or the visual of me wearing a nursing bra.
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