Man Who Suffered Heart Attack Claims He Saw The Light

One man from Ohio, America, Brian Miller, suffered a severe heart attack that almost killed him, but when he lay on his death bed, he claims he saw his mother-in-law and father-in-law in heaven.

Brian Miller experienced an intense cardiac arrest at work that stopped his heart from beating for 45 minutes. The doctors tried and tried to save him, but nothing was happening.

They even shocked him four times, but Miller’s heart refused to start beating. Meanwhile, as the doctors stressed over keeping Miller alive, the 41-year-old was meeting his deceased mother-in-law and father-in-law in heaven.

While he was up there, he walked alongside his mother-in-law on a path decorated by flowers. She was telling him that he needed to get back to his body on Earth.

He recalled the out-of-world encounter: 'She grabbed ahold of my arm and she told me, ‘It’s not your time, you don’t need to be here … you’ve got things to go down and do.’'
Miller said, 'The only thing I remember, I started seeing a light and started walking towards the light. She was the most beautiful thing when I've seen her. It was like the first day I met her. And looked so happy.'

He also met with his deceased father-in-law, who told Miller that he had “things to go down and do.” Meanwhile, the doctors were frantically trying to keep the father-of-three alive!

What happened to Miller when he woke up? Did he have trouble walking, talking, or speaking? Or was he completely back to normal!

Take a look at our video to find out. Beware: the answer will shock you.

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