Greta Thunberg Reveals Why 'Autism Is Not A Gift... But It CAN Be A Superpower'

The young Swedish girl Greta Thunberg who became known for his environmental struggle has Asperger’s syndrome - a condition that she considers her ‘superpower’.

In just a few months, young Greta Thunberg has made a name for herself thanks to her relentless fight for the environment. This Swedish school girl who went up for a Nobel Peace Prize, has Asperger’s syndrome.

In a post on her Instagram account for World Autism Day, this leading figure in the fight against climate change, who was diagnosed at 11 years old, explains what it means to live with this condition.

‘No, autism is not a gift,’ she reminded us.

‘For most it is an endless fight against schools, workplaces and bullies. But under the right circumstances, given the right adjustments, it CAN be a superpower.’

‘Embrace our differences’

The teen, who is now 16 years old, wanted to remind people that she was suffering from depression and anxiety. But she ended on an optimistic note, explaining that her diagnosis allowed her to throw herself into her battle against climate change.

‘Our societies need to change, and we need people who think outside the box and we need to start taking care of each other. And embrace our differences.’

For a few months, Greta Thunberg has been going on strike from school every Friday in front of the Swedish Parliament. On 15th March, she launched an appeal for a ‘world strike’, as was reported by the HuffPost, encouraging teens to do the same as she does.

Check out the video above to see Greta's important message for yourself...

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