Rebekah Vardy Slams ‘Pigeon’ Coleen Rooney As She Reveals Her Side Of The Story

Following Coleen Rooney’s dramatic Twitter allegation on Wednesday, Rebekah Vardy has spoken out in an interview to defend herself from claims her Instagram account was leaking stories from Coleen’s private Insta to The Sun.

Rebekah Vardy Slams ‘Pigeon’
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Rebekah Vardy Slams ‘Pigeon’

Ever since Wednesday morning, the nation has been gripped by the biggest Twitter beef since, well, possibly ever. Coleen’s now-infamous statement, which has seen her being dubbed WAGatha Christie, revealed that she had laid an intricate plan to catch out the follower who had been leaking stories. Her statement ended with the dramatic reveal, ‘It’s…… Rebekah Vardy’s account.’

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As Britain cheered Coleen’s masterful use of ellipses and gleefully set about making memes, Rebekah has been desperately trying to save her reputation – strenuously denying claims that she was behind the leaks and suggesting that they may have come from others who had had access to her account.

Now, Rebekah has reportedly hired a team of forensic experts to prove her innocence. In an interview with the Daily Mail, she also revealed exactly what happened when she rang Coleen just after she posted her Twitter statement, saying that she did not try to argue as it ‘would be like arguing with a pigeon. You can tell it that you are right and it is wrong, but it's still going to s*** in your hair.’

Rebekah has also told The Sun that she is bewildered as to why Coleen has called her out so publicly, saying ‘I don’t know why on earth she would do this to me. She said she liked me then hung me out to dry in public. My only issue with her is the way she has gone about doing this to me in public, and causing all of this upset, without speaking to me first in private. Why didn’t she pick up the phone? I have been so upset by it – and I’m heavily pregnant too.'

In the light of the scandal, 37-year-old mum-of-four Rebekah has suffered from severe trolling online, including death threats and vile comments about her unborn child, which she says has made her cry despite her ‘tough’ personality. According to insiders, she’s also flown home early from her holiday in Dubai because of how upset she’s been by the situation.

Meanwhile, more and more celebs have been getting involved in the bitter feud… take a look at the video above for all the latest!

This Is All The Latest On The Coleen Rooney/Rebekah Vardy Drama This Is All The Latest On The Coleen Rooney/Rebekah Vardy Drama