When A Slapping Contest In Siberia Ends Very Badly (Video)

If you don’t already know about the Siberian Power Show, this video should give you more than enough detail.

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There are some pretty strange competitions out there, ranging from the multiple variants of fighting, to this Star Wars themed contest! And this particular contest is no exception.

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You may have heard of slapping contests before and it turns out they are actually quite popular in some countries. Strangely, most of these competitions take place in Russia where they even have Face Slapping Competitions!

This strange discipline involves putting two opponents face to face and letting them take it in turns to hit each other as hard as they can until one of them gets knocked out or surrenders.

Inevitably, to prove just how much this 'sport' has become a trend, even the Siberian Power Show decided to take up this colourful discipline. This gym, dedicated to weight training and sport and testosterone in general, hosted an epic competition that we’re not likely to forget.

We’ll warn you though, it’s brutal!

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