‘I Am Not Waiting Around For That Man.’: Conor McGregor Is Still Thinking About His Defeat Against Khabib

As part of his tour of Russia, Conor McGregor admitted that he has rewatched his fight against Khabib hundreds of times since the night he was defeated.

‘I Am Not Waiting Around For That Man.
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‘I Am Not Waiting Around For That Man.

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During the UFC 229 main event in October 2018, Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov both entered the octagon to settle a score: the biggest rivalry in the history of MMA. And McGregor has recently spoken out about the fight that he just can’t seem to forget about and the possibility of a rematch.

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3 years ago today I became a multiple time, multiple-weight World champion at Madison Square Garden, New York City. What a moment in my life. To capture the double once. Wow! To do it twice. Lord have mercy 🙏 I often look at this second picture and imagine how trippy that view must be for my father. Looking up at his son after doing exactly shot for shot what I told him I would do. I even done it no hands the second time. I will credit hard work for this moment but it’s not just that. Hard work alone is not enough. We can all work hard for a minute. It’s the consistency to do it over and over and over again that will lead you to these iconic moments. Year after year of focused work! I worked hard my last two fights. No doubt. But without consistency, I fell short. All amazing and valuable lessons going forward on this journey that is Martial Life! Onwards we go... Happy Tuesday everyone.

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A rematch between legends

Insults, threats and the subsequent bus attack at the UFC 223. Even before the UFC has been able to concretely announce anything, the two fighters have already done enough advertising for this upcoming fight which will be used to decide who is currently the best lightweight, or maybe even the best fighter to have come about in recent years.

It was quite an exciting fight, which the Russian was able to get the upper hand in during the beginning of the second round. In the third round, the Irishman managed to get some good blows in, but it wasn’t enough to intimidate Khabib. Ultimately in the fourth round, Conor McGregor had no choice but to throw in the towel after he made the crucial mistake of getting caught in a chokehold and consequently watching his hope of winning the championship title fade away. He then took to Instagram to provide a rundown of the fight.

Will there soon be a rematch?

During his trip through Russia, TheNotoriousMMA has said on numerous occasions that there could possibly be a rematch against another UFC legend with whom he regularly gets into it with on Twitter. He seems to have become rather obsessed about his defeat against the Russian and even admitted to having watched the fight 800 times that evening.

‘The people of Russia deserve this inevitable rematch here in Moscow. It will happen; however, I am not waiting around for that man. He is a known pull-out and does not take risks so for me, I am not waiting around. […] Then I will seek a Moscow bout and it will be against the winner of Tony Ferguson – Khabib Nurmagomedov… that is the bout we want. We want this bout in Moscow.’

If we are to believe what he says, Conor will celebrate his comeback to the octagon on January 18th. Dana White has not yet commented, but we bet the UFC President would do anything to get his former protégé back in the game as soon as possible. It’s going to be exciting, that’s for sure…

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