Most People Find Opossum's Revolting, But They Are Actually Surprisingly Helpful

Almost the entire human population finds opossums ugly, but it turns out that the weird-looking animal can actually benefit humans too—there are surprisingly a lot of positives when it comes to opossums.

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Most of us think of opossums as dirty, creepy animals, but we need to reverse our thinking! Here’s one fact that may help you reconsider your hatred towards these little creatures:

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Do you believe an opossum is related to a rat? Think again! The opossum is actually a marsupial animal, which means that they are related to cute animals like koalas and kangaroos!

When opossums are babies, they stay inside the mother’s pouch, just like koalas and kangaroos. Adorable, right? Basically, we need to stop categorising opossums as rats.

And opossums are the only marsupials living in Canada and America, which means we need to cherish these little guys, right? Okay. We don’t have to go that far. But we can start to see them as something more than a forest rat.

Still believe that opossums are dirty? Well, here’s a little tidbit of information: opossums rarely spread rabies! In fact, these animals are actually pretty clean.

And it gets better! These little animals also eat other pests like slugs and snakes. See? Opossums aren’t so bad. Not only are they clean, but they eat pests, too. It doesn’t stop here, though.

Opossums have a superpower that benefits humans, too. They can help to save us from obtaining one of the worst diseases on Earth. Want to know what they do? Tune into our video to find out.

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