A UFO Hunter Claims to Have Found a Strange 50-Foot Robot in Area 51

Scott Waring is a star UFO hunter on social media. He recently posted photos of his latest find: a strange ‘robot’ in the heart of Area 51.

Area 51 is probably the most mysterious place on Earth. It intrigues and fascinates the whole world, especially UFO hunters. For some, it is an area where the US government hides the traces of the presence of extraterrestrials on our planet. This mystery is so wide-spread that a ‘raid’ on Area 51 was organised a short time ago. This time, Scott Waring, a true social media star in this field, shared photos of Area 51 in which a giant robot seems to be standing.

A 50-foot tall robot?

Scott Waring is one of the most followed UFO hunters on social networks. On almost a daily basis, he shares ‘evidence’ of the existence of extraterrestrials with his more than 30,000 followers on his Instagram account. While some of them don’t seem to be very credible, others give many internet users pause.

Recently, he shared a find he made on Google Earth Map. While he was walking around using this tool, he decided to fly over the famous Area 51. A large part of it is not visible on Google Earth, but some of the buildings are. Large roads and buildings with complex shapes can all be seen, and even a baseball field.

Near one of the buildings, Scott Waring saw a strange silhouette that looks like a human body. The problem is it would have to be 50 feet high according to the Google Earth measurement tools. For Scott there was no doubt, it’s a giant robot.

16 Metre Robot Found In Area 51 On Google Earth Map

"It actually moves"

For Scott Waring, this black silhouette is a giant robot. By checking the photographs taken at different times, he discovered that this shape ‘moves,’ and that another ‘robot’ was near the first one.

I found a 16m dark figure in Area 51 and there seems to be another to the right of it, but shorter. When I checked through the past photos of that location, I notice that the figure actually moves onto its side, then changes its poses in each photo. It actually moves.

These photos are screenshots taken on Google Earth. To make up your own mind, you can find the location on the Google Earth Map tool by typing the following coordinates: 37° 13'26.3 "N 115 ° 49'02.4" W.

Scott Waring's explanations of this strange phenomenon are vague.

Maybe a USAF (United States Air Force) soldier has been playing around for years doing this, or maybe Area 51 is experimenting with 16-meter high robots that could one day be used in combat missions, he concludes.

What do you think?

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