Hunter discovers something strange as he dissects a wild boar

A hunter shot a wild boar and made a strange discovery when opening the body of the wild animal... Here’s a look at this story that got people talking!

Wild boar
© Unsplash
Wild boar

On Reddit, a user shared a strange story about his in-laws' farm. He claimed that when a wild boar that was trying to enter their house was shot, they made a very surprising discovery!

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Blue fat…

While the boar looked quite normal when viewed from the outside, the inside held a completely different surprise for the hunter. After draining the wild pig’s blood, the usual procedure for consuming game, the farmer was about to cut up the boar when he noticed that something was wrong.

Upon opening the boar, the man discovered that the blood and flesh were the usual colour, but the fat of the boar was... blue!

The farmer from Morgan Hill, California, who posted photos of the beast on Reddit, said this can happen when boars are poisoned with copper. However, there are no copper mines in the area, only now-closed mercury mines, Melty said.

What could be the cause of this colour?

The farmer said on his post that this was the first time in his life as a farmer and hunter that he had seen fat of this colour.

The wild animal was eventually handed over to the authorities in order to understand the cause of the colouring. But where did the strange blue fat come from that the farmer did not venture to taste?

For the moment, the question remains unanswered. Check out this incredible discovery in the video above!

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