This 3-Headed Snake Was Found In Northern Australia!

An amazing three-eyed reptile was found along a highway in Australia. Whilst it may seem like a strange phenomenon, it's actually pretty common amongst snakes.

This 3-Headed Snake Was Found In Northern Australia!
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A snake's glare is already terrifying... Imagine one looking at you with three eyes! An interesting specimen with three eyeballs was found on a highway in northern Australia.

The beast unfortunately died a few weeks after it was discovered, because its unusual vision prevented it from feeding properly.

The three-eyed reptile was discovered by the Northern Territories Parks and Wildlife Service. It was 40 cm long and was nicknamed Monty Python.

A third, all-powerful eye

An X-ray of the animal revealed that it had a single skull, pierced by three ocular cavities. The three eyes were perfectly functional!

Unlike the two-headed serpent found in America, it had not developed two separate heads.

According to scientists, this third eye was developed when the snake was still an embryo. It did not "mutate" because of pollution or the transformation of its environment, as could be predicted by disaster-film scenarios. In addition, malformations are very common in snakes.

To see the images of this amazing snake, watch the video above!