Deadly spider invasion in Australia following floods

Australia has been experiencing historic flooding. A park warned of a surge of Atrax robustus in homes, one of the most dangerous spiders in the world.

Deadly spider invasion in australia following floods
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Deadly spider invasion in australia following floods

Atrax robustus. Or to put it more simply, the most dangerous poisonous spider in the world, more commonly knows as the 'Sydney funnel-web spider.'

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As the name suggests, it is only found in Australia, specifically New South Wales. After the terrible fires, this territory received no reprieve, as it was hit by historic floods for several days. These have already forced more than 18,000 people to flee their homes, as reported by Sky News.

Spiders seeking refuge

And just like humans, spiders seek some shelter from these torrential rains, sometimes finding refuge with the local humans, as shown in several videos on social networks.

It is under these conditions that the Australian Reptile Park warns of the situation. In a video, the park called for vigilance in the coming days regarding a potential 'invasion' of the famous funnel-web spiders.

Fear of an invasion of deadly spiders

Naturally, the hard downpour only reinforces this fear of these spiders popping up, which will be supported in the coming days by a rise in temperatures over the territory.

This is also the time when male spiders would start looking for females to mate with, says zookeeper Dan Rumsey, as quoted by Yahoo! These are all elements that should call for caution.

As reports, citing park manager Tim Faulkner, following a bit, it absolutely crucial to remain calm and avoid panicking. The victim must perform a technique of pressure and immobilisation on the bitten limb using a bandage to prevent the venom from spreading and then rush to the hospital to be administered an anti-venom.

Check out the video above to learn more about what you can do yourself for more benign spider bites.

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