This Is How Fast Your Body Changes When You Quit Smoking

The effects of quitting smoking can be seen in a shockingly small amount of time after giving up.

While quitting smoking is not always an easy decision to make and maintain, it is extremely important for your health. Read on to discover the positive and visible effects when you stop smoking.

After 20 minutes

A few minutes after your last cigarette your heartbeat will start to slowly decelerate, while your blood pressure will return to a more normal figure.

After 12 hours

The level of carbon monoxide in your blood will also begin to drop, while your oxygen levels start to increase. Another important advantage is you will be able to fall asleep more easily.

After 24 hours

After a full day without a cigarette, you will start to get the real benefits from your decision such as a much lower risk of having a heart attack.

After 48 hours

The senses altered by smoking like smell or taste little by little start to come back. You will finally be able taste the true flavour of food and your sense of smell will be more refined.

After 3 months

Your lungs will thank you. You will be able to breathe much more easily and you will no longer be out of breath after climbing three steps.

After 1 year

One year after having completely eliminated cigarettes from your life, in addition to being in better physical condition, the risk of heart disease is halved.

After 10 years

At this point, the risk of developing tobacco-related cancer becomes the same as that for a non-smoker.

After 15 years

As a non-smoker, you are less at risk of dying from heart disease linked to smoking.

Thanks to quarantine, more people have quit smoking Thanks to quarantine, more people have quit smoking