How To Take A Screenshot On Instagram Without Getting Caught

You might not have known about it but Instagram will soon be releasing a new update that will allow users to be notified when someone screenshots their story. But fear not. We’ve gotta a couple of ways to get around it so you can still screenshot those embarrassing pictures of your nearest and dearest.

Screenshotting your friend’s stories without them knowing, is soon to be a thing of the past on Instagram. The social network has decided to introduce the function that will send a push notification to a user when someone else screenshots their story.

Not very helpful if you’re trying to creep on your pals, or even catch them out with those embarrassing photos you plan to repost on their birthday. So, to get around this problem, Lifehacker offer two simple solutions.

The first way to get around it, is to switch your phone to “airplane mode” before you screenshot your mate’s story. In doing so, your phone cannot be tracked by Instagram’s servers. The second involves you using your computer or laptop. By using the Instagram web app to view stories, you can still discreetly capture your friend’s stories. Similarly, you won’t get picked up by the servers.

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