He Was Filming His TV Show When A Shark Attacked Him Out Of Nowhere

He Was Filming His TV Show When A Shark Attacked Him Out Of Nowhere

A well known celebrity in the Netherlands, Dutch biologist and TV presenter Freek Vonk could’ve very well lost an arm or even his life while filming a scene with some sharks.

Freek Vonk is one part accomplished academic specialised in biology and one part Bear Grylls. For his television show, the Dutch TV presenter is constantly looking for new challenges and feats of nature to show off. However, this time he may have gone just a tad bit too far. In one of his most recent adventures, he decided to dive into a group of sharks in the middle of the ocean with no real protection.

Everything was going fine up until the moment when one of the sharks was feeling peckish and decided to take a bite out of the Vonk’s arm! Immediately he rushed back onboard the boat to receive first aid.

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Fortunately for him, the party was not too far off shore and were able to make it back to land in ample time for the man to have his arm disinfected and sewn up. Since the accident, Freek Vonk now sports a pretty sound scar on his arm – maybe that’ll teach him not to go swimming with sharks again.


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