Sex addiction: This therapy technique might help cure your addiction

New research has come up with a new technique to combat hypersexuality, AKA a sex addiction.

A recent study published in Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism states that males with a compulsive sexual behaviour disorder, or sex addiction, have twice the amount of oxytocin or 'love hormone' in their bloodstream. Now, the study has provided a detailed solution to put you out of your misery.

Oxytocin, the stress buster

Oxytocin is usually released in the blood when the cells in the neurons get excited or stimulated. It can be a response to activities such as breastfeeding, sex, stroking. It lends a feeling of tranquillity and relieves stress when released.

A study conducted by Cureus defines sex addiction or hypersexuality as:

Epidemiological and clinical studies have shown that this non-paraphilic condition consists of 'excessive' sexual behaviors and disorders accompanied by personal distress and social and medical morbidity.

NHS says on sex addiction:

For most people, these behaviours (hypersexuality) don’t cause any serious problems. But some people are unable to control these urges and actions, despite the difficulties they may cause in their relationships, finances and professional lives.

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Cognitive behavioural therapy

According to the Endocrine Society’s Journal,cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT) can help lower oxytocin levels and hence compulsive sexual behaviour disorder symptoms. Out of the 64 male sex addicts studied, 30 reported a continuous decrease in the hormone after receiving CBT.

Andreas Chatzittofis, of the University of Cyprus Medical School, and Umeå University, Sweden said:

We discovered that men with compulsive sexual behaviour disorder (CSBD) had higher oxytocin levels compared with healthy men. Cognitive behavioural therapy led to a reduction in both hypersexual behaviour and oxytocin levels.
The chemistry behind sex addiction

Andreas adds:

Oxytocin plays an important role in sex addiction and may be a potential drug target for future pharmacological treatment.
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