This Study Reveals Who Your Partner Is Really Dreaming Of Sleeping With

Fantasies allow us an escape from the real world. In these waking dreams, we alone are in control. Even though we are all very different, many of us share the same fantasies. Discover 10 of the most common fantasies...

Psychologists define Fantasy as “the imaginary scenario representing the realisation of a desire”. These can take on all manner of forms since our imaginations have no limits! Studies however show that many of us fantasise about the same people or similar scenarios.

A recent study performed in America by IllicitEncounters on 2000 people reveals the 10 most common fantasies.

In first place with 55% votes is imagining making love with an ex. Coming in second, 40% of people fantasise about having sex online or on TV (if this is you, applications for Love Island are still open...).

38% dream of getting down and dirty with their favourite celeb whilst 36% say they fantasise about their current partner.

29% of respondents said they fantasised about getting it on with a stranger, just edging the 27% who admitted fantasising about a coworker.

A surprising one in four people said they'd fantasised about having sex with a friend whilst group sex was also a common fantasy, with 19% of people saying they'd fantasised about it.

Finally 14% of people say they fantasise about getting busy in a public place and 11% dream of doing the deed with an authority figure such as a police officer.

Check out the video above for more!

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