There's A Mathematical Formula You Can Use To Find Your Soulmate!

Should you leave it to fate even though that means you might never meet anyone, or on the contrary, go industrial, using all the dating apps only to fail at finding a stable relationship... Finding love is tough for many singles! As strange as it may seem, mathematics has found the solution...

To get hitched with the first person to come, thus taking the risk of separating just as fast, or to wait for months and years for THE right person, thus risking ending up alone with your cat? What is the best way to maximize your chances of finding the person you'll spend the rest of your life with? An American mathematician, Hannah Fry, has found the answer!

The "optimal stop" theory, which has already proven itself to calculate your chances of winning or losing at the casino, also allows you to calculate when in your love life the right person is most likely to come to you...

37%. That is the percentage of your suitors that you should discard before you land on the right person. In other words, if you have your first serious relationship at age 18 and you had a series of messy relationships up to age 24, don't panic! You've given yourself the best chance to meet the right person before your 35th birthday!

This should change our perspective on failed relationships and realize that, no matter what, regardless of statistics, learning from past relationships is the best way to know who to embark on a great adventure with!

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