Here are 2 unexpected creatures that you can find in your toilet

The toilet is supposed to be a safe haven, but there are some creatures who seem to get a kick out of invading our private space.

Toilet bowl
© Giorgio Trovato
Toilet bowl

The toilet is that one space where privacy is of the utmost importance. There’s nothing more vulnerable than exposing our genitals, taking a seat, and releasing a load. But many people have experienced an invasion of this sacred space, mainly by creatures who have been lurking in the pipes of the toilet—and no, you don’t have to fly to Australia to get into this rather scary situation.

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In fact, here are two common animals that can be found hiding inside your toilet.


Squirrels Anthony Intraversato

That’s right. Although they’re definitely cuter than many of the animals that are famously found inside toilets (like snakes and spiders), coming butt-to-face with a squirrel swimming in your toilet can turn ugly very quickly. But how do these furry creatures get there?

Just like snakes and rats, these creatures attempt to get inside our homes by navigating the drains. Unfortunately for them, sometimes they take the wrong pipe and end up in our toilet bowls instead.

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Frogs Adam Currie

Snakes are not the only reptiles that seek shelter in human homes. Frogs are also commonly seen inside homes and more specifically, toilets. A few years ago, in Miami, several households complained about the unannounced presence of frogs in their home. A woman from Florida said:

He's jumping around and it's freaking me out!

Unlike snakes who use underground pipes to break in, frogs apparently get access from rooftops.

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How do you get rid of these pests?

If you want to minimise your chances of having an unexpected and rather unpleasant encounter with these creatures while you’re on the pot, here are some things you can do:

  • Install a rodent valve in the toilet pipes
  • Avoid leaving crumbs lying around
  • Clean your toilet regularly
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