Studies Show Intelligent Men Are The Most Faithful

Ladies and gentlemen, men with a high IQ are the most faithful, according to a study conducted by a psychologist based in London. Here is the explanation.

Trusting a significant, being faithful... are both concepts about love that had no place in prehistoric times. But obviously, human evolution has made these concepts the focus of most romantic relationships today.

Many studies and surveys have been conducted on the theme of fidelity or infidelity. And there is no magic recipe. However, this new study may reassure some of you.

Psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa from the London School of Economics conducted an investigation and analysed the role of male fidelity, and the evolution of the human species. He based his research on the social behaviour of adolescents and adults, while carefully assessing their IQ.

The result? There is a link between a man's high intellect and fidelity. In other words, the higher a man's IQ, the more importance he will attach to valuing 'sexual exclusivity.' Intelligent men are more concerned about the matter, and seek a loving relationship in which they will assume this notion of fidelity.

The results of this study may, therefore, surprise some of you since we imagine that an unfaithful man must be cunning and resourceful to act without his partner being aware of it. But this study challenges this preconceived idea.

However, it should be remembered that the concept of fidelity applies to both men and women. We can therefore also transpose this study from a female perspective and say that intelligent women would also be the most faithful.

New study shows men to be more forgiving about infidelity than women New study shows men to be more forgiving about infidelity than women