R. Kelly trial: Singer’s DNA matches semen found on victim’s t-shirt

Evidence has been stacking up against the singer since day one of his criminal trial. The latest exhibition has linked his DNA to semen present in an alleged victim’s t-shirt.

R. Kelly trial
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R. Kelly trial

R. Kelly’s criminal case started on 18 August with a horrific testimony from one of his alleged accusers, Jerhonda Pace. Pace told the court that she was just 16 when she first met the singer, but initially told Kelly she was 19. Eventually, she revealed her true age, but he continued her relationship with the then-minor.

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Stained blue shirt

She accused Kelly of sexually violating and abusing her, and recounted the incident that finally ended their 6-month relationship. She said the singer threw a huge fit because she had texted a friend, and he slapped and choked her until she passed out. He also spit on her and forced her to give him oral sex. Along with her testimony, she also exhibited a blue t-shirt that she used to wipe his semen off her face.

The object was taken in for examination by DNA expert Yongfei Wu, and the results were revealed in Thursday’s (2 September) court session.

As reported by USA Today, Wu declared that the DNA found on the T-shirt ‘exactly’ matched that from a cheek swab of the singer. He said that the possibility of a ‘random match’ of DNA samples from two different people was so rare that it was close to impossible.

However, he did admit that he didn’t know whether that t-shirt belonged to Pace or if it was stolen. When Kelly’s attorney, Deveraux Cannick, cross examined him, he asked ‘You don’t know where that shirt came from?’ Wu replied: 'No.'

More evidence

Chris Wilson, a computer forensic agent for the Department of Homeland Security, also exhibited more evidence that corroborates the accusations that multiple witnesses have made. Specifically, about how Kelly exploited minors and brainwashed them into being in a relationship with him.

Wilson examined three devices and found a test message from an unnamed sender on 2017 that said:

You’re young and there’s a lot of things you don’t know… I want to groom you and be bonded with you.
R. Kelly trial: Victim reveals singer starved her for days before assaulting her R. Kelly trial: Victim reveals singer starved her for days before assaulting her