This Is The 4,000 Calorie Diet Anthony Joshua Follows To Prepare For His Boxing Matches

This Is The 4,000 Calorie Diet Anthony Joshua Follows To Prepare For His Boxing Matches

As some would say, ‘a car can not drive without the right fuel,’ and bodybuilding (and sports in general) enthusiasts know that nutrition is an essential part of success when it comes to sports and everyday life in general.

To fuel himself Anthony Joshua must eat well. On average, the boxing champion rakes in between 4,000 and 5,000 calories in one day. Here is what his menus look like on an average day.


Before tackling the day, Joshua has the breakfast of a champion. Far from our usual bowl of Frosties, on the menu for AJ is fruit, oats, dairy products, 5 eggs and sometimes even salmon.

Then he eats a small snack during the morning. In general it is a protein shake or a sandwich or pasta. Not really a light snack…


During his lunch break, Joshua stays in the same rhythm with food. On his plate you could find white meat with good carbohydrates like sweet potatoes. A simple and well known choice for those who practice bodybuilding.


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For supper the 28-year-old boxer still has room in his belly. No wonder considering the training he inflicts on himself. On the menu is a steak, green beans and starchy foods (rice, pasta or quinoa).

Finally before going to sleep, Joshua has an evening snack, such as a fruit mousse, a shake or a protein bar, still made out of fruit.

In all, Joshua is well over 4,000 calories in a day. This diet is reserved only for those who play sports all day, or almost all day. In addition, the calories he absorbs are not empty calories, like those found in products that are too sweet or too fat. Be careful not to try this diet if you are not able to work out at this level.

Take a look at the video above for more on AJ's workout and nutritional regime... 

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