The Most Sadistic Game To Ever Release On The App Store

Ever wanted to mix your love of video games with your love of sadism? If so, we’ve got the perfect game for you!

Imagine how Mario would have been if Nintendo were mean, cruel, and sadistic? Well, we’ve now got an answer thanks to the newly released and oh so frustrating Trap Adventure 2. On the surface, the game appears to be a classic platformer, except the game finds heaps of ways to punish you based on even the slightest, often hidden mistake.

Want to jump on a platform? Too bad, it disappears at the last second leaving you to fall to your death. Think you’ve reached the end? Nope, the ceiling collapses and crushes you. Taking a second to breathe and compose yourself? Surprise! Spikes appear beneath your feet.

You get it: it’s a game designed to make you suffer. If you fancy this kind of gaming experience, download it now on the Apple App Store! 

Stacey Williams
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