Your car insurance may not be valid if you drive during lockdown

People across the UK have been instructed not to leave the house for non-essential journeys. And, if you do your car insurance might not be valid.

Due to lockdown, anybody caught outside for non-essential activities may be up for a £200 fine and, if you get in an accident you may not be covered by your car insurance.

That’s right, according to the Mirror, those who get into a fender bender or have a bust-up on the motorway during lockdown may not be able to claim the damages on insurance. spokesperson, Florence Codjoe has stated that if you aren’t sure whether your vehicle is still covered during the lockdown then it’s best to check with your insurance provider:

You could end up paying thousands for ­repairs. If you’re unsure about cover during lockdown speak to your insurer for clarification.
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However, even if you aren’t covered while driving around during lockdown, it’s best not to cancel your car insurance unless you have off-street parking as it is illegal to park on the street without it.

The £200 on the spot fines for parking on the street without insurance can be halved if paid within two weeks but repeat offenders could be slapped with up to £6,400.

Nick Freeman, a specialist motor lawyer spoke up on the issue stating:

Essential travel is largely defined as ­shopping for necessities, picking up medical supplies, caring for a vulnerable person and getting to and from work if you cannot do so from home. Anything else is not really acceptable. If you have an accident and can’t prove your journey was essential your ­insurance may be void.

So, if unless you plan on making an essential outing it might be best to just stay home.

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