UK lockdown most likely to last beyond easter

Experts are estimating that lockdown will only be lifted sometime after the Easter holidays in light of sharp increase in death rates.

UK lockdown most likely to last beyond easter
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UK lockdown most likely to last beyond easter

After reports came out yesterday about schools potentially only reopening after the Easter holidays, as hinted by experts, it now appears that the lockdown itself will follow suit.

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Sources are saying that Boris Johnson is targeting Good Friday, which falls on April 2, to be the earliest date in which the lockdown restrictions might ease off. While others claim this estimation is optimistic at best.

Death rates on the rise

With COVID-19 related death rates having reached the top spot in the world here in the UK, there are very little chances restrictions will be lifted anytime before Easter according to experts. Tuesday's number of deaths broke yet another record with a sharp 30% increase when compared to the numbers of the same day one week ago. And when compared to this passed Monday's death toll, numbers have increased by almost 3 times going from 599 to 1,610 total deaths in 24 hours.

To make matters worse, Pfizer's vaccine supplies have been dented by a factory upgrade which will continue into next month making it hard for the Government to reach its goal of vaccinating 15 million Britons by mid-February.

The total number of jabs having been administered have, as a result, dropped significantly for a third dayin a rowas of Monday when only 204,000 were vaccinated, compared to 324,000 last Friday.

Logistic issues responsible for lack of jabs being administered

After promises were made by the Prime Minister to have care homes vaccinated against the disease by the end of January, at the moment, only about 50% of residents have received the jab. Apparently, this is due to logistical issues with handling the Pfizer vaccine back in December.

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus blasted the government for not following through with its promises to eradicate the virus throughout the pandemic:

Throughout this pandemic the Government has consistently over-promised and under delivered. When it comes to the vaccination program, the Government must avoid repeating the failures of our test and trace system and PPE supply chains to the frontline.
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