UK’s traffic light system will be introduced tonight - here’s what we can expect

At 6 pm today Boris Johnson will once again return to his podium to announce the much-anticipated traffic light system for coronavirus lockdown. So, what can we expect?

Today, Boris Johnson is expected to announce the new three-tier ‘traffic light system’ which will separate much of the country into different stages depending on their rates of coronavirus infection.

The new system is intended to help define coronavirus restrictions that need to be taken in each area depending on their r-rate. Areas with high infection rates such as Liverpool and Newcastle will most likely be classed as tier three or ‘red zones’ and will undergo the strictest measures of the three categories.

Liverpool’s boroughs support up to 1.6 million people and at 6 pm tonight the PM is expected to ask those residents to undergoUK’s strictest lockdown measuresincluding the shutting down of social clubs, bookmakers, pubs, gyms and casinos which could last up to six months.

Manchester also faces a similar situation but plans may be put on hold for the area as council leaders have threatened to take legal action against the government unless financial aid is increased.

Merseyside is also expected to be classed as a ‘red zone’ area while London might be lucky enough to be classed as ‘high risk’ despite rates of infection doubling in the last weeks.

What can we expect from each tier of the system?

Tier One/ Moderate Risk:

Restrictions in the first tier are expected to be minimal and baseline with a 10 pm hospitality curfewand a ban on gatherings of more than six people.

Tier Two/ High Risk:

Second-tier restrictions are also said to be expected to follow rules already in place for Middlesborough and parts of the North East where the mixing of households is not allowed.

However, two households may be allowed to mix in a private garden given social distancing and rules of six are adhered to.

Tier Three/ Very High Risk:

The third tier will see the highest restrictions put in place so far. Bars, pubs, casinos and gyms will all be closed and there is potential for all non-essential travel to be discouraged.

UK Coronavirus: What Are the Rules for England’s New Lockdown? UK Coronavirus: What Are the Rules for England’s New Lockdown?