Robin comes out as bisexual in latest Batman comic

The latest DC comics, Batman: Urban Legends #6, introduces Tim Drake's—aka Robin's—new story arc: his open bisexuality.

DC comics has, in recent times, become much more inclusive in their representation of the LGBTQIA+ community with the many famous characters of their comics.

A new queer DC comics member

The latest to have come out is none other than Robin—also known as Tim Drake when in civilian mode—who reveals he is at the very least bisexual in the most recent comic Batman: Urban Legends #6.

In this episode, readers see Robin fighting alongside Bernard, a young man threatened by the Chaos Monsters. The Chaos Monsters are kidnapping young people in Gotham City.

Towards the end of the comic, Robin goes to Bernard's house and the two have a pretty revealing conversation about how they feel about each other, with Robin saying:

I'm really glad you made it back safely. I was relieved. And I've been thinking a lot, about that night. And I ... I didn't know what it meant to me. Not yet. And I'd like to understand.

Bernard replies:

I was hoping you'd come. Tim Drake... will you go out with me?

To which Robin replies:

Yeah, yeah... I think I want to.

LGBTQIA+ representation within comic books

With the approval of fans to include more diversity in comic books, most specifically those produced by the industry's biggest publishers—Marvel and DC—queer characters are becoming increasingly popular.

The first to ever be introduced was back in 1988 which saw fans be acquainted with DC's first openly gay superhero: Spanish character, Extraño. Though his appearances were rather few and far between until his resurgence in recent years, other big publishers have also taken note of the importance of including diversity.

Most recently, Marvel's very own Loki has come out confirming his bisexuality and gender-fluidity.

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