PM optimistic that summer holidays will be allowed

Now that COVID-19 numbers have dramatically fallen in the UK, PM Boris Johnson has ignited hope for those wanting to go on holidays over the summer.

With recent news that schools are to reopen sooner rather than later, Johnson has also sparked optimism when it comes to the possibility of being able to go on holidays over the coming summer.

This is sure to generate many sighs of relief amid the newly-imposed travel restrictions that were put into place to dissuade the public from traveling so as to contain the virus as much as possible.

A significant reduction in numbers

The strict lockdown has proven to be an effective way in diminishing the contamination rate as the most up to date figures show a staggering decline in both new daily cases and deaths.

The mortality rate went down by a third on last Monday at 406 total deaths and infection rates down to a seven-week low at 18,607 new cases.

However, though things are looking better for the UK, Mr. Johnson believes that the public must keep their guard up in order to not deter from the progress made with the vaccination rollout program:

We are confident that all the vaccines that we are using provide a high degree of immunity and protection against all variants. The fact is we are going to be living with Covid for a while to come in one way or another, I don't think it will be as bad as the last 12 months – or anything like – of course, but it's very, very important that our vaccines continue to develop and to adapt, and they will.

New measures to contain virus

Medical experts also echo the PM's sentiments in that people must follow the rules now more than ever before. With the South African strain being super-contagious, certain areas of Britain will be receiving at home vaccinations to try to contain the virus as much as possible.

Mobile swabbing units will be deployed in eight postcodes that have been affected by the mutated coronavirus so that home testing kits can be made available to order online for residents to do themselves from their own homes.

According to scientists, this is when and how the coronavirus will end According to scientists, this is when and how the coronavirus will end