Man refuses to wear face mask, claiming it shrinks his 'manhood'

A man who has been reported to the police says he has seen a significant reduction in the size of his penis since he started wearing the mask.

This is just one of the many weird COVID-19 protocol violation reports that police officers from the Mercia police safer neighbourhood team have been dealing with.

The man, whose name has not been given, is reported to have warned fellow shoppers in a South Derbyshire store to desist from wearing the protective face mask because they shrunk his manhood, according to the Staffordshire Live.

Of the many bizarre reasons people give for not wanting to wear masks, the police spokesperson for the area described this reason as the worst.

Unbelievably, another seasoned shopper was reported to have advised customers not to wear face-coverings because he felt it caused the shrinking of an unmentionable body part.

People refusing to wear masks

Officers are warning that the severity of the new Delta variant makes it all the more prudent that people respect laid down protocols to protect themselves and those around them.

They have listed a number of similarly strange reasons people have given to avoid wearing masks, including a middle aged man who insisted that using the face covering would reduce his IQ.

They had these words to say about a vaccinated person who could not be bothered about the safety of others in the shop she had gone to:

To the entitled female consumer of senior years, who pushed past an employee, but not before screeching that she’d been vaccinated and therefore did not need to wear a face-covering—please think about others who are yet to receive a vaccine. Your abrasive manner did not go unnoticed.

The officers also had to ban a group of construction workers from a local South Derbyshire shop for refusing to wear face masks. They were also reported to have flouted the one-in-one-out establishment rule.

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